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Three Great Rooftop Gardens

Photo: Matteo Carassale

Archilabo, Milan

This industrial fifth-floor terrace, one of three in the residence, by landscape architect Cristina Mazzucchelli, has galvanized steel drum planters and a concrete outdoor kitchen, softened by feathery grasses and perennial plants.

Photo: Matteo Carassale

Romolo Private Terrace, Milan

By using plants as walls, Mazzucchelli designed three distinct spaces—a dining area, large lounge, and cozy relaxation nook—in this open-layout terrace. Purple chairs pair perfectly with similarly hued Japanese maples, geraniums, and sedums.


Mill Valley Cabins, Mill Valley, California

While these two cabins almost blend into their environment, they deserve a closer look. On top of the lower one is a green roof designed by Feldman Architecture, Inc., which is studded with succulents that help intercept rushing rainwater.

Posted by: Roof Guard
March 15, 2018
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