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Roof Talk-101 What are the different types of green roofs?

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There are three types of green roofs:

1. Extensive Green Roofs – designed for environmental solutions

Whistler Daycare Centre: Extensive green roofs are ideal for schools, industrial parks, large big-box stores and multi-family housing.


2. Intensive Green Roofs – also known as rooftop gardens

  • 8-12 inches, or more, of growing medium.
  • fully landscaped roof top garden.
  • require regular maintenance -similar to an at-grade garden.
  • diverse plants and trees can be planted (avoid plants with invasive root systems).
  • walkways, railings and lighting.
  • parks, playgrounds or vegetable gardens are possible

Chicago City Hall: Light weight soils at 4, 6 and 18 inches in depth.


3. Semi-intensive Green Roofs – elements of both extensive and intensive systems

  • Semi-intensive roofs, combinations of both extensive and intensive green roofs, are typically adopted to harness both the environmental benefits of a green roof, as well as a diverse garden within a manageable maintenance budget.

Vancouver Public Library: Semi-intensive green roofs are ideal for long-term care facilities, daycare play spaces, employee picnic areas, and urban agriculture.


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August 24, 2017
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