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Roof Talk-101 Signs of a Bad Roofer

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What exactly is a bad roofer? How would you know when you are working with a skilled tradesman or a fly by night operator? Today’s topic is very interesting and all should pay attention, given the serious consequences of working with amateurs or the unscrupulous.

Bad roofers do not pay attention to:

  • Licensing requirements
  • Permits
  • Insurance
  • Warranties
  • Best install practices and methods that include that number of shingle layers
  • The condition of your attic or the underside of your roof  to ensure a proper inspection and estimate
  • The surrounding fixtures including downspouts.This is of particular concern in inclement weather or winter when ice dams cause a great deal of damage.
  • You as a customer. They are hard to reach- and seldom return your call. They are not concerned with you after your check has cleared.

Do your homework:

Bad roofers do not come with warning signs- as they should. If you do your homework and ask some key questions you will be able to identify them.

Ask them:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Can you provide a list of satisfied customers?
  3. Can you provide references?
  4. Do you have a license or insurance ?
  5. Are you bonded?
  6. Do you have a physical address I can visit to ensure you are legitimate?
  7. Why is your price so much lower than other people? What are you leaving out?
  8. Do you provide a warranty? 
  9. Does the manufacturer stand behind your work? are you certified with the manufacturer 
  10. Why should I trust you ?

Do not be shy:

Ultimately its your house on the line.It is very important to have a roofer that will be there for you if things do not go right.The cheaper guys are cheaper for a reason. Not all of them are legitimate. So many come and go, leaving a trail of wake and devastation in their path.

Take your time to ask the right questions.We encourage you to work only with those companies that have been around for generations. These are professionals who are licensed, insured and bonded. These are the professional who can back up a warranty.

 Did you know:  

  • Manufacturers have the right to void the warranty if best practices are not followed
  • Roofers that pass the certification requirements with manufacturers know all of the warranty stipulations and will ensure the best outcome for you.
  • Many roofing shingles are considered hazardous waste and need a permit for disposal. Be sure you are doing it right.

In closing the signs of a bad roofer are:

Bad roofers are a disgrace to the roofing profession. You are encouraged to do your due diligence before hiring a tradesman.There are many methods to check the credentials of your prospective roofer they include:

  • Consumer reports like the Better Business Bureau
  • Online reviews and social media sites
  • Traditional references
  • Asking  the roofer for  list of satisfied customers
  • Going to the Secretary of States website to check business registration
  • Asking your friends and neighbors who they used
  • Asking a home inspector if they have worked with this company before
  • Asking the supply house where the roofing materials are purchased if they know this roofer.

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August 24, 2017
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