ROOFGUARD Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

There are a number of different factors that affect the viability of your roof and they are not all weather related. Of course long term exposure to the elements (sun, water, air pollutants, and chemicals)have a major impact on your roof. Other factors include:

Structural Movement, Biological Growth, Re-Occurring Roof Problems, Lack of Proper Maintenance, Change in the Use of the Building, and Equipment Additions

A commercial roof, like many other aspects of a commercial building has to be maintained. This not only helps prevent costly roof repairs, but it also prevents production downtime, lost of space revenue, slip and fall accidents leading to legal claims. ROOFGUARD Commercial Roof Maintenance Program is committed to providing you with a consistent, thorough, and long term maintenance program that meet your specific facility or project needs.

The ROOFGUARD Commercial Roof Maintenance Program can be designed for all types of existing roof conditions; old or new; single ply or asphalt roofing; large or small; coated or non-coated; insulated or non-insulated. We will come out to your facility, inspect your roof, gather the necessary information and create a custom proposal for you.

The most common reason a roof fails is simply neglect. If your roofing system is not maintained regularly then chances are problems will arise when you are least prepared for it. A ROOFGUARDs Maintenance Program takes the surprises out of roofing life cycle costs. You might think that the cost of maintenance is something you cannot afford now but the alternative can be costly, inconvenient to tenant or occupant; and sometimes harmful to other parts of the structure causing an even greater problem to deal with.

Call us today at 830-230-5000 and let us come out and evaluate your roofing system and create a roof maintenance program that will be affordable, sustain your warranty and get the longest life span out of your roofing system.


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