ROOFGUARD- LLC is committed to promoting and installing energy efficient roofing.

Energy efficient roofing includes primarily white-reflective roofing and vegetative roofing but has an impact much greater than the roofing footprint.

Energy efficient roofing lowers the need for electricity by limiting the heat load that would ordinarily penetrate below the roofing deck thereby requiring less air conditioning to keep interior space cool.

Energy efficient roofing reduces the heat island effect in urban areas. As open space is developed for infrastructure there is a reduction in the natural landscape such as grasses, shrubs, and trees; and in turn there is an increase in the air temperature thereby creating the heat island effect.

Energy efficient roofing reduces the need for roofing materials disposal. While Traditional roofing materials are heavy, bulky, and require a great deal of energy and cost to remove, transport, and dispose. New energy efficient roofing systems are light weight, sustainable, and can be virtually disposal free material.

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